Dishwasher Gel – Unscented

Dishwasher Gel – Unscented

Our plant-based formula contains no harsh chemicals known for causing health issues, i.e. no SLS, SLES, EDTA, laureth-7, butyl, ammonia, chlorine, or phosphates. This allergy-friendly formula also is free from dyes and fragrances.

  • Free of dye and fragrance.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Septic Safe
  • Can be used with Hard Water
  • No phosphates
  • No phthalates
  • No fillers


Water, Methylglycinediacetic Acid, Sodium Salt (synthetic, EPA Safer Chemical listed),Protease and Amylase enzymes (plant), Alkyl Polyglucoside (plant), Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylate (synthetic, EPA Safer Chemical listed), Xanthan Gum (plant), Sodium Citrate (plant), and Calcium Chloride (mineral).


Squirt 1-2 TBSP of gel directly into dishwasher detergent cup.


Plant Based
Fragrance Free