Local Scoop


Local Scoop is a package and plastic-free grocery store. Our store has fresh produce, dried pantry goods (nuts, oats, grains, coffee, spices, etc.), and refrigerated goods like yogurt and hummus.

Traditional grocery stores make avoiding plastic and waste impossible. We want to change that. At Local Scoop, you can purchase healthy, nourishing food that is better for you and the planet. This store empowers us to shop for the foods we need without creating waste we don’t.

By shopping package-free, we can do our part in working towards a sustainable food system that supports the local economy and connects local communities with our food.

How does it work?

At Local Scoop, shopping is simple. Bring your container (or use ours) and buy as much or as little as you need. Weigh, fill, and check out!

We’re designing a store that makes low-waste living affordable and convenient.

When you purchase products and refrigerated goods like cheese and condiments without the packaging, you begin to reimagine what is possible when asked to consider an alternative shopping experience. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it just makes sense.

We can do better!

By buying bulk and recycling your containers, you are choosing to make a difference with your dollar. It means you are taking a stand with your purchasing power to say no to litter in our lineups and trash along our highways. Package-free groceries are about nourishing our bodies as well as our community, ocean, and planet.

Plastic-free, low-waste living is more than wishful thinking. Our customers believe that how we live, eat, and build our communities matters for future generations. By shopping at Local Scoop, you are choosing a mindful way of shopping and taking small steps to reduce, reuse, and relearn what it means to buy groceries.

From buying locally whenever possible to our package-free promise, Local Scoop is a community space to learn and expand the plastic-free lifestyle in our hometown and beyond.

How do I shop at Local Scoop?

Local Scoop makes it easy to find all the foods you love without paying for the plastic waste you hate. We carry hundreds of refillable bulk items, fresh, local produce, and other refrigerated goods. Bring empty, clean, and dry containers from home or take one from our recycling program. We also carry 100% post-consumer recycled paper bags for free or glass containers for purchase. Get creative. If your container is reusable, you can bring it in and fill it up!

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