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Sipped for centuries in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality green tea powder available. It is made from the youngest shade grown tea leaves, with the stems and veins entirely removed. The leaves are stone-ground, which makes the matcha suitable for a thick-style tea.


Organic, Non-GMO Ceremonial Grade Matcha


Traditional instructions for preparation: Daily serving size: 4 oz tea. Warm the matcha bowl by adding hot water. After a minute, discard water and dry bowl thoroughly. Rinse bamboo whisk to keep tea powder from sticking. Using a traditional bamboo spoon, add 1.5-1.75 spoonfuls of powder (1 regular tsp) per 4 oz serving Add approximately 4 oz of hot water (175-180° F). Do not use boiling water. Mix briskly with bamboo whisk until all lumps are removed and tea is smooth and creamy with a fine foam on top. Drink and enjoy! Contemporary instructions for preparation: Daily serving size: 6 oz tea. Use 1 tsp. of matcha per 6 oz of water. Pour hot water (175-180°. F) over tea. Do not use boiling water. Steep 2-4 minutes. Strain and serve immediately.